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He's not alone..
Published on March 23, 2005 By Calor In Fiction

JMS, the man who developed Babylon 5, works on the Spider-Man comic book also developed a mini-comic book series called Rising Stars.

Rising Stars is a limited series comic book about 113 children who are given super human powers and how they grow up and deal with it (along with their peers and their government -- the United States in this case).

The story started out well but JMS, who seems unable to get along with anyone (that's right fan boys, I think JMS has some ego problems) stopped the series on book 22 of 24 due to some legal dispute with the publisher. So those of us who eagerly anticipated new issues were stuck waiting and waiting and waiting for over a year for JMS to work out his differences.

The final two issues were, just predictable and not worth the wait. But on-line he talked about how he lost control of the story due to some decisions. He blames himself.

As John from the series would say, "damn straight."


on Mar 24, 2005
I knew Joe years ago. In my opinion, he's a raging a-hole.

And a talentless hack.